Saturday, 18 November 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Statues on the Cheap!

Not a lot to say about these, they came from Poundland and Home Bargains, and yes, they cost £1 each. So for £6 I have a load of Buddhist, Hindu and sort of Gargoylie type sculpture. I was very impressed with their cheaposity!

The gargoyles are probably the least applicable, but they'll do.

Just goes to show, always worth a good look around your local pound shops.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ghost Archipelago: Small Boats

The first small boat I bought from Ainsty Castings which is very nice and to be honest is very reasonably priced at £6.50 but you know what I'm like.

So I made my own as I needed another 3 at least,

Ainsty's and mine side by side, mine are slightly larger but with fewer seats. 

With 2 matchsticks under each seat I needed to add a small supporting piece for the seat to stable. 

I used cereal card for the boards in the bottom and planks on the side, cat food box card for the main structure lolly pop sticks for seats and the rest from matchsticks.

All three new versions completed, just about.

Rudders from matchsticks.

Sorry for poor pictures, but these show adding PVAcrete to the edges of the base and top of the boats, to finish the edges and to give strength.

So for a couple of hours work, saved £19.50, really it was the fun of seeing if I could construct the boats in the first place, The question is, do they need oars adding?

So all constructed and painting is the next step, will be posting in few days when all done.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Ghost Archipelago: The Wicked Wendy

Here is the completed Wicked Wendy ship that I made for Ghost Archipelago, although having now got the rule book I realise that its not necessary to have one, but there you go.

On board is my Heritor, who also happens to be doubling as my D&D Monk character Manny.

Rest of the crew is still in development.

I will be making the second as it is already constructed, but in between I will making 4 small boats for the 2 ships crews we will be playing with.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

WWarriors: Frostgrave and Zombicide

Last week down at the WWarriors Games Club I spent the evening having fun showing some people how to play Frostgrave. It went very well and they seemed to have fun, picking up the rules pretty quickly.

I had learned a lot from doing the Beers of War evening do, so had lots of helpful material on hand like you see in this picture and all the spell cards that the players needed. Because neither had access to the rule book I prepared 2 warbands for them to play with and they brought some figures to represent them.

So beer was drunk and fun was had. I think its really important to get involved in games clubs and see more and more their importance. I've played far more folk in the last 3 years because of the WWarriors and I really appreciate it. Recently we have had a bit of a fall off in numbers to the tune of about 10 bodies, which is worrying, so anything I can do to help I will do.

At home, in the same week we managed to play a game of Zombicide and had great fun battling our way through hordes of "you know what."

First Molotov of the evening!

Ned and Josh got caught out when the walkers got another turn and ate the poor souls.

Amy held back the Zombies with a second Molotov which brought the game to an end.

This game was called Apartment Assault and can be found on the Zombicide Website, these Missions are created by players from all over the world. Many of them are great fun to play, we must have done 15 or so now.